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France Receives a New Bitcoin ATM

ATM Bitcoin Exchange begins its international expansion campaign by installing a bitcoin ATM in France. The selected location is Montpellier. France has four of such devices fully operational inside its borders. GrupoBTC France a franchise of the mother company (ATM Bitcoin Exchange) has installed the bitcoin ATM at the address UNPI 34 Chambre des Propriétaires et Copropriétaires 23 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume. The ATM fabricated by BTC Fácil allows the purchasing …
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This Mexican Startup Will Allow Customers to Buy Bitcoins In Grocery Stores

Zmart Group, a Mexican startup, announced that they will bring Bitcoin to their extensive network of cellphone top-up resellers, this will allow customers to buy Bitcoins at their local grocery store without the need for a credit card. In the present day, many ways to buy Bitcoins exists, from ATMs to P2P transactions, the wide availability of services and the increase of merchant adoptions has been a delight for many …
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