This Mexican Startup Will Allow Customers to Buy Bitcoins In Grocery Stores

Zmart Group, a Mexican startup, announced that they will bring Bitcoin to their extensive network of cellphone top-up resellers, this will allow customers to buy Bitcoins at their local grocery store without the need for a credit card.

In the present day, many ways to buy Bitcoins exists, from ATMs to P2P transactions, the wide availability of services and the increase of merchant adoptions has been a delight for many users, today, a new method to acquire Bitcoins in Mexico has been unveiled.

Zmart Group is an eCommerce platform that enables independent merchants to resell or provide services through a cellphone app called MaxSaldo, Christian Sandoval, the founder of the company stated:

We created an app were you can buy and deposit credit, not for you to use, but to sell, with our MaxSaldo app you just go to the bank and deposit money, which then will be reflected on your profile, with this, you can sell our products to your customers.

MaxSaldo can be used to sell top-ups, videogame memberships, personal insurance, products made by more than 80 companies, and now, Bitcoins. This service is intended not for the big retailers or merchants, but to the guy who sells your coffee and groceries, MaxSaldo allows to sell digital goods and products to users so that they don’t have to use the Internet.

Zmart Group has built an ecosystem where people can buy digital goods without having to use the Internet, according to Sandoval, eCommerce has been lagging behind in Mexico:

Today, most of the eCommerce is done through payment processors like Paypal and others, and they only account for less than 1% of the transactions on a national level, we asked ourselves, how could we reach the other 99%?, that’s why we created MaxSaldo.

The service will also use the platform of Bitso, another Mexican startup, Bitso is one of the biggest Bitcoin Exchanges in the Central American country. Sandoval stated that thanks to the integration of the platforms, buying Bitcoins will be as easy as to walk down to a grocery store, ask the clerk for a determined amount of Bitcoins, pay him, and reply to an SMS asking for your Bitcoin wallet address.

Zmart Group was founded in 2010 by Christian Sandoval which decided to create a cellphone top-up sales service for small merchants and owners of local grocery stores, today the service is provided by more than 29,000 points of sales across the country.

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