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The Year 2019 has Been Very Educational for Lightning Network Developers

Scaling Bitcoin to a more mainstream level will most likely happen through layer-two solutions. The Lightning Network is of great interest in this regard, despite its crucial flaws and shortcomings. A recent list of known vulnerabilities confirms there is plenty of work ahead prior to making this technology more widely accessible.  The Long Bug List Whenever a new form of technology is in the early days of testing and coding, …
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Using Lightning Network on the Bitcoin Mainnet Is Asking for Trouble

Bitcoin users have high expectations for the Lightning Network. It is a scaling solution unlike any we have seen to date. Faster transactions and near-zero fees are of great interest. However, current testing of this technology is not going according to plan. A couple users have reported the loss of coins due to various bugs found in the code. It’s a worrisome development, but this is why such solutions are deployed …
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Top 6 Software Bugs

Over the past few years, our society has come more reliant on software than ever before. While the world has learned a lot from past software bugs and mistakes, there have been quite a few software failures over the past few decades that deserve some special attention. It is of the utmost importance to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself. #6 Microsoft Zune On December 31, 2008, the Microsoft Zune community …
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