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BTCJam Review – Bitcoin Lending Service

Bitcoin lending service providers can make a big impact on a global scale. A lot of unbanked people do not have access to basic financial services. Bitcoin can fill that gap nicely, assuming service providers take the necessary steps to combat fraud and other nefarious activities. BTCJam is a popular Bitcoin lending platform, but its reputation has taken a few hits over the past few years. An Overview of BTCJam and its Problems …
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Number of BTCJam Loan Offers Continues Downward Trend

Although BTCJam once held a lot of promise in the world of Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending, it looks like the end is near for this platform. The number of loan offers is decreasing, and a significant portion of users are unhappy with their recent decision to no longer provide future business opportunities to US lenders. BTCJam Interest Keeps On Declining Peer-to-peer lending is an attractive area to explore for Bitcoin companies, as …
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Banking Services In Bitcoin Create Adverse Effect

One of the more interesting misconceptions regarding Bitcoin is how the popular digital currency is not offering any banking services to its users. This is only normal, as Bitcoin was designed to let people control their own funds, rather than enlisting the help of third party providers. At the same time, some companies are exploring how banking services can help bitcoin gain more acceptance. As is always the case, third-party …
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