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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Takes the JK Rowling “Event” to a new low

Crypto Twitter has had a very interesting week, although not necessarily for the best of reasons. JK Rowling showed some minor interest in Bitcoin, and the situation got out of hand pretty quickly. Whenever a celebrity tweets about Bitcoin, a social media storm ensues. The JK Rowling “Event” is a Missed Opportunity In the case of JK Rowling, she was legitimately seeking basic information on this new form of money. …
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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong States The Company Can Cover All User Deposits

There has been some concern regarding the solvency of the Coinbase exchange ever since a  bug was discovered to receive “free” ETC when buying Ethereum. Many people felt the company was not taking precautionary steps to protect themselves from the replay attack vector. But in a recent company statement, CEO Brian Armstrong confirmed the company has more than enough funds to cover user deposits in every currency.   Coinbase Claims …
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BitTorrent Creator Bram Cohen Critizes Coinbase for Running Bitcoin Classic

Bram Cohen, the author of the peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol, as well as the first file sharing program to use the protocol, also known as BitTorrent, has criticized global bitcoin exchange and wallet platform Coinbase for running the Jonathan Toomim-led Bitcoin Classic. Essentially, Bitcoin Classic is a hard fork which increases the block size of Bitcoin by 2 megabytes. Supported by industry leaders and bitcoin experts, Core developers including Gavin Andressen, …
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