Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Takes the JK Rowling “Event” to a new low

Crypto Twitter has had a very interesting week, although not necessarily for the best of reasons. JK Rowling showed some minor interest in Bitcoin, and the situation got out of hand pretty quickly.

Whenever a celebrity tweets about Bitcoin, a social media storm ensues.

The JK Rowling “Event” is a Missed Opportunity

In the case of JK Rowling, she was legitimately seeking basic information on this new form of money.

It did not take long for Crypto Twitter to bombard her with replies, some far worse and useless compared to others. 

Eventually, several impersonation accounts of Rowling started popping up, creating an even bigger mess.

All that time spent on such futilities could have been used to let Bitcoin gain more mainstream attention.

One of the fake profiles even got a reply from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

Whether this is a joke, or complete ignorance of it not being the real author, is subject to debate.

Armstrong tried to shill his own company to a person impersonating JK Rowling, further adding fuel to the fire.

It is evident that this is one of the reasons why Bitcoin has little mainstream traction.

People asking legitimate questions either get useless replies, are impersonated, or vilified.

A big chance to gain more traction has gone to waste.