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BnkToTheFuture Will Facilitate Conversion Between BFX Token and iFinex Equity

A lot of people will recall Bitfinex has announced the issuance of BFX tokens to affected customers. These tokens could then be returned to the company in exchange for a stake in parent company iFinex Inc. BnkToTheFuture has been tapped at the platform to make this switch happen in the coming months. BnkToTheFuture Works Together With Bitfinex It is positive to see Bitfinex keep their word regarding the BFX tokens. …
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Bitso Seeks $2 Million to Develop Bitcoin Payment Infrastructure in Mexico

Bitso, a Mexico-based digital currency exchange, is close to finishing their $2 million funding round on the fintech crowdfunding platform, BnkToTheFuture. The Mexican exchange has managed to raise $1,952,182 from 58 backers, with 16 days remaining. According to Co-founder and President, Daniel Vogel, Bitso is the largest bitcoin exchange in the country. In the BnkToTheFuture pitch video, Vogel said that Bitso is one of the few startups attempting to build-up …
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BnkToTheFuture Relaunches Ethereum Investment Opportunity

With so much focus on Ethereum as of late, it only makes sense to see the first types of investment programs pop up as well. BnkToTheFuture, a platform well-known for its investment opportunities in promising concepts and companies, has relaunched their Ether Mining Backed Security earlier today. Only time will tell what this project will do for the future of Ether, but the main goal is to keep mining a …
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