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Maturity in Blockchain Tech Compels a Standard Consensus Protocol: Is It Nugenesis?

Whilst blockchains continue to be developed in the financial domain, seeing the bigger picture is  obscured. One blockchain tech group that has come primarily from working on Government applications  of blockchain tech, the NuGenesis group, provides a sharp contrast. For as long as they are not tainted  by the marketing hype of promoting their coins, they are useful for some analysis as to where the  industry is going.   The main …
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How NEM Is Leading The Adoption Of Private Enterprise Blockchain Without Compromising The Decentralization Of Its Public Chain

The success of any blockchain project is first tied to the solidity of its technology and secondly to the strength of the community rallying behind it. Projects would be able to pull up large followers only if they are able to engineer an ecosystem that delivers value to the community. The combination of the duo accounts chiefly for the numerous reasons why NEM foundation has maintained an upward trajectory growth …
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10 Tips for Getting Blockchain Companies Featured in the Media

Blockchain is all the rage these days with new innovations being introduced seemingly every day. At the same time, the industry is not entirely mainstream and the result of this is that it is harder to garner press for blockchain companies in mainstream media. A lot of the publications and the public themselves lack and understanding of the workings of blockchain and this can prove to be a challenge for …
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