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Leading Blockchain Development Team Announces The Foration of Blockchain Foundry, Initial Commercial Product Will Target E-commerce

Blockchain Foundry Inc. (“Blockchain Foundry” or the “Company”) today announces its establishment as a leading developer of blockchain solutions for businesses and individual consumers. The Company provides blockchain solutions using several of the most developed and robust blockchain technologies, with plans for its product offerings to be interoperable between these different blockchain technologies. A key focus in Blockchain Foundry’s products will be to provide end users with the benefits of …
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Blockchain Foundry Will Focus on Distributed Ledgers For E-Commerce

Blockchain solutions are not all that difficult to come by these days. At the same time, there is always a demand for more developments efforts. Blockchain Foundry Inc, announced their plans to bring distributed ledger solutions to enterprises and consumers. Particularly the e-commerce industry can benefit a lot from blockchain. Blockchain Foundry Inc. Has Some Big Plans The name Blockchain Foundry Inc. may ring a bell for some blockchain enthusiasts …
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