Blockchain Foundry Will Focus on Distributed Ledgers For E-Commerce

Blockchain solutions are not all that difficult to come by these days. At the same time, there is always a demand for more developments efforts. Blockchain Foundry Inc, announced their plans to bring distributed ledger solutions to enterprises and consumers. Particularly the e-commerce industry can benefit a lot from blockchain.

Blockchain Foundry Inc. Has Some Big Plans

The name Blockchain Foundry Inc. may ring a bell for some blockchain enthusiasts around the world. This company focuses their attention on bringing these decentralised solutions to companies and consumers all over the world. What makes their offering so appealing is how people don’t need to know the intricate details of blockchain technology to use the product.

Blockmarket was one of their initial products, which acts as a web-based e-commerce platform. Through this platform, entrepreneurs and retailers can access marketplaces hosted on the Syscoin network. Moreover, this solution reduces market listing costs, while also providing 100% uptime and top-notch security.

Dan Wasyluk, President and CEO of Blockchain Foundry, stated:

“We are excited to announce the formation of Blockchain Foundry and are working hard to complete the Blockmarket platform as expeditiously as possible. In tandem with our product initiatives, we have added additional talent to our team aimed specifically at raising capital to bolster our development resources and accelerate the realization of our vision to be a leading blockchain services company.”

Syscoin, a cryptocurrency ecosystem known to most enthusiasts, was the first public blockchain initiative by Blockchain Foundry. With Syscoin now trading across multiple exchanges and a market cap of over US$6m, it is safe to say that venture has been a success so far. Moreover, Syscoin also partnered with Microsoft as part of their Azure BaaS service.

Maturing the organisation is the top priority for the time being. Acquiring the necessary blockchain expertise over the past three years will help Blockchain Foundry do exactly that. Products certifications on the Azure Marketplace platform are being pursued as well. There is an immense potential for blockchain technology moving forward, and it is a matter of time until this concept goes mainstream.

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