Blockchain Analysis

Blockchain Analysis Grows More Popular Among US Agencies

Blockchain analysis is becoming a lot more popular these days. A fair few firms are looking for ways to analyze…

4 years ago

BitFury Group Officially Unveils Crystal, a Blockchain Analysis Tool

Most cryptocurrency users know that BitFury is working on a blockchain analysis tool. Until now, we never heard much about this…

4 years ago

BitFury Group De-Anonymizes Over 15% of the Bitcoin Network With New Blockchain Analysis Tool

The ability to analyze and link Bitcoin transactions is something many governments and regulators hope to do more of moving forward. A…

4 years ago

Governments Show Interest in Firms Analyzing Monero and Zcash Transactions

We recently noted that the US government is increasingly tracking Bitcoin users with the help of the Chainalysis firm. It turns out there…

4 years ago

What is Project Titanium?

If it were up to government officials, Bitcoin and other blockchain-based transactions will be closely monitored moving forward. The European…

4 years ago

Riders Uses Blockchain Analysis To Issue Bitcoin Address Ratings

Bitcoin analysis is an attractive prospect to explore further over the coming years, as it will help provide valuable insights…

6 years ago

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