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5 of the Most Promising DApps Running on the Ethereum Blockchain

While much of the crypto world remains a speculative market for investments, exciting DApps are emerging on the Ethereum platform. Here are five DApps showing Ethereum is used for more than just investment purposes. 5. Augur – The Predictive Markets Dapp Augur leverages the hive mind of crowds to make real-time predictions using actual money. Since investors essentially bet on their predictions and earn a reward when their predictions are right, there’s …
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Tabby Pay Lets Users Cancel Wrongfully Sent Ethereum Transactions

It has become apparent that smart contracts will help elevate Ethereum to a whole new level in the years to come. That can only happen if this technology is perfected and made more secure. BlockCAT may have come up with an interesting feature in this regard. More specifically, the Tabby Pay solution ensures funds can never be sent to the wrong wallet.  What is Tabby Pay Exactly? Although the name suggests …
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What Is BlockCAT?

There are many different projects in blockchain technology and the Ethereum ecosystem. BlockCAT is one of the more intriguing projects for people who wish to explore the concept of smart contracts. Right now, creating or managing a smart contract requires some advanced knowledge of the Solidity language. BlockCAT makes that a lot easier by removing the need for programming altogether. Smart Contract Deployment Without Coding It always sounds intriguing when someone says you can …
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