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What Is Bitcore?

When people conduct an online search for Bitcore, they will come across two entirely different products. The one we are looking at here is the Bitcore cryptocurrency, which is known as BTX across trading platforms. It is a new cryptocurrency which offers regular airdrops, even though it aims to become the world’s number-one payment coin in the future. Surpassing Bitcoin or any of the established currencies will be quite challenging, …
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Bitcore vs Btcd vs Bcoin

Even though most bitcoin users focus on the most prominent bitcoin node implementations known to date, there are quite a few alternative solutions out there as well. All of these different implementations provide something that can be valuable to the right individuals or companies. Although these alternative node implementations are not necessarily consumer-oriented, they should not be dismissed so easily either. 3. Bitcore One of the many alternative bitcoin implementations …
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SatoshiLabs Unveils MyTREZOR Beta And Switches To Bitcore

TREZOR is one of the most popular hardware Bitcoin wallet solutions in the world today, and the growing community behind this project showcases exactly that. Due to overwhelming demand, the company has released a public beta of the myTREZOR platform, which now uses Bitcore rather than a closed source backend solution. Also read: HSBC Executive and SWIFT Board Member Joins Ripple to Support Continued Global Growth MyTREZOR Public Beta Has …
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