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Bitcoin’s Price Reaches ATH at $1935 Amid Political Turmoil Caused by the Trump Administration

After an uncertain period during the weekend where both the bears and the bulls tried pulling the market their way, the demand overpowered the skeptics and Bitcon’s price reached yet another all time high at $1935 on Bitstamp. Bitcoin’s market cap has also reached an all time high valued at $31 billion, more than double that of Ripple. There are many elements at play currently some are helping the price …
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Cryptocurrency – Looking Ahead from May 2017

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, developers and investors, the first half of 2017 has been nothing but exciting. Very few people would have predicted the trends that we are now seeing today: a vibrant and rapidly growing altcoin market, massive all time highs for both Bitcoin and Ethereum and an initial coin offering (ICO) crowdfunding mechanism that is creating enormous investor hype. AmongĀ all of this noise are a number of very interesting …
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