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Top 4 Ways to Long Bitcoin in 2019

As the crazy Bitcoin price action appears to continue unabated, there is a lot of momentum to take advantage of. A lot of people are looking to go either long or short on Bitcoin, albeit doing so is not as simple as following one specific strategy. For those who are willing to long Bitcoin, the following options can be considered. Do keep in mind every financial action undertaken will incur …
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Bitcoin’s Recent Institutional Demand Is Unprecedented, Says Futures Market CEO

Paul Chou, a former Goldman Sachs executive and the founder of LedgerX, a regulated bitcoin derivatives and futures market based in the US, said that Bitcoin has been seeing unprecedented institutional interest for the first time in its history. Institutional Money During an interview with Nathaniel Popper of the New York Times, Chou stated that despite the recent market correction that led the values of most major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin …
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Goldman Sachs Delays Bitcoin Trading Desk Plans in Favor of Derivatives

Financial institutions around the world are scrambling to launch Bitcoin trading services. It will be interesting to see who wins this race, although Goldman Sachs may be the first firm to cross the finish line. Their current plan is to launch derivatives trading rather than actually trade Bitcoin. It seems to make a lot of sense at this stage, although it is not the outcome most people had expected. No Goldman Sachs Bitcoin …
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