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Azerbaijan to Subject Crypto Income to Taxation

Whether income earned from cryptocurrency should be taxed or not has been an issue with which many governments have been grappling in recent years as the crypto industry has become bigger and bigger. Even for countries that have already made their stances on crypto taxation known, the structures are still quite vague and not many people adhere to the set regulations. However, Azerbaijan has made its stance known: any revenue from cryptocurrency operations …
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Should Spanish Bitcoin Owners Disclose Their Holdings to the Treasury?

Cryptocurrency taxation is always a complex and controversial topic. This is especially true in Europe, as there are no unified guidelines to speak of. In Spain, the question as to whether or not Bitcoin needs to be taxed is a hot topic right now. For now, it seems there is no reason to report any Bitcoin-related gains, losses, or holdings, although the country’s Treasury feels differently about that. Spain’s Treasury Probes …
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What Is the Cryptocurrency Tax Fairness Act?

Taxation of cryptocurrency has always been a controversial topic. Particularly in the United States, taxation of Bitcoin has been rather problematic at times. A new proposal by US lawmakers seeks a tax exemption for Bitcoin transactions below US$600. This is a pretty intriguing proposal, although it remains to be seen whether or not this idea will be turned into law over the coming months. A Small Bitcoin Tax Exemption can be …
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