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Proposal To Give 45% of Block Reward To Bitcoin Node Operators Is Silly

Throughout the years, there has been a lot of discussion on whether or not people should receive an incentive for supporting the Bitcoin network by running a full node. Even though there is no need to reward people for these steps, new ideas to change that situation keep popping up now and then. One particular Reddit user would take a page out of DASH’s book and pay up to 45% …
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Indecisiveness On Slush Pool Automatically Means Bitcoin Core Mining

With multiple mining pools giving Bitcoin miners a say in the matter of whether they want to support Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Classic, it was only a matter of time until some of the preliminary results were published. Based on the information we have received from Slush Pool, there seems to be a large amount of Bitcoin miners who are still undecided. However, those who do not express their vote …
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Block Size Consensus Hinges On Bitcoin Miners Input

There is no denying the current Bitcoin block size debate is subject to a lot of different opinions and ideas. However, it is hard for the average Bitcoin user to make their voice be heard, as there is a lot of Reddit censorship going on. Various mining pools have taken it upon themselves to let the Bitcoin miners weigh in on the debate, which is the right way to move …
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