Indecisiveness On Slush Pool Automatically Means Bitcoin Core Mining

With multiple mining pools giving Bitcoin miners a say in the matter of whether they want to support Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Classic, it was only a matter of time until some of the preliminary results were published. Based on the information we have received from Slush Pool, there seems to be a large amount of Bitcoin miners who are still undecided. However, those who do not express their vote will be mining Bitcoin Core blocks until decided upon otherwise.

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Slush Pool Isn’t Looking To Fix What Isn’t Broken

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The ongoing issue of whether or not to use Bitcoin Classic as a solution for the block size debate seems to be resting in the hands of the miners right now. Even though various mining pools reached an agreement behind closed doors to support Bitcoin Core, not everyone is on the same page in this regard.

Slush Pool is among the mining pools who let miners vote on which solution they want to support. For miners who are in favor of Bitcoin Core, nothing will change, as their hashpower will be routed through the Bitcoin Core client running on the pool. However, those who favor the other solution will see their hashpower directed towards Bitcoin Classic block mining.

All in all , this solution seems to be working out quite well. That being said, some users are taking offense to the fact that users who do not express a vote will automatically mine Bitcoin Core blocks on the network. A lot of miners just want Bitcoin to succeed and could not care less about the ongoing debate right now.

Taking offense to this decision by Slush Pool is strange, as it only makes sense to keep hashpower directed to the same solution as it has been since day one. Unless users express their desire to be switched over, there is no reason to change anything on behalf of Slush pool. Some people might argue that not everyone knows about this topic, but Slush Pool has taken the necessary precautions in this regard.

Every single Slush Pool miner has received an email from the owners regarding the ongoing block size and solutions debate. For those who remain undecided for a few more days, info materials are being prepared by Slush, and they will send out these details accordingly. It is positive to see mining pools staying on top of things and trying to get miners to engage in this discussion.

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