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Bitcoin Cash Price Undergoes Steep Correction After Solid Gains Last Week

Today may prove to be somewhat of a difficult day for most cryptocurrencies. After nearly 10 days of solid upward momentum, the bearish pressure is forming quickly. A few currencies are still in the green whereas others are bleeding value. The Bitcoin Cash price, for example, has quickly lost 13.5% in value, which is still somewhat surprising. How low this price will go in the coming hours, remains difficult to …
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Bullish Bitcoin Cash Price Momentum Remains in Place as $1,400 is Within Reach

Another day of cryptocurrency trading is upon us. Even though things started to look a bit worrisome last night, there is apparently nothing to worry about whatsoever. The Bitcoin Cash price further confirms things are looking pretty solid when keeping the bigger picture in mind. As of right now, one BCH is valued at nearly $1,400. Bitcoin Cash Price is Extremely Bullish Anyone who owns Bitcoin Cash as part of …
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Bitcoin Cash Price Eyes $1,000 Target as Bulls Remain in Control

It is safe to say now is a good time to be involved in cryptocurrencies. With the markets showing a lot of positive momentum as of right now, it will be interesting to see how long this trend can remain in place. If the Bitcoin Cash price is any indication, things will only get better from here on out. Thanks to solid gains throughout this week, the Bitcoin Cash price …
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