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1 BTC = $ 1000000000000000000

According to this math in 230 years Bitcoin will be worth 1 trillion $. Given that Bitcoin will keep following this logarithmic function make sure you put aside 0.01 BTC in paper wallets and save it somewhere. This is what heltok from reddit said: If we assume that bitcoin’s value will be the same, no growth in the US economy and US money supply keeps expanding at present rate, then 1BTC will …
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Apple, Dish, and Amazon signal Bitcoin surge in 2014

In 2014 we have seen one of the biggest fortune 500 companies take action in regards to Bitcoin. This time, instead of analysts reading graphs and making patterns we have concrete actions made by huge corporates who seem to be in support of Bitcoin. Apple Apple started off as an anti-Bitcoin company when it banned the blockchain app and any other similar Bitcoin apps that fascilitated transactions from their App …
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Apple App Store guidelines update allows virtual currencies

Apple issued an update Apple issued an update to it’s App Store Review Guidelines. The update opens doors for Bitcoin related Apps to be added to the App Store. Since the ban of the Blockchain app from the App store, Apple has been known to be strictly against Bitcoin related Apps, however following the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) Apple issued an update that can be reviewed here. Under the Purchasing …
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