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Bitcoiin Price Jumps by 280% as Trading Intensifies

There is never a boring day in the world of cryptocurrency. A new project shows up every single day and can be successful for a brief period of time. In the case of Bitcoiin, it shouldn’t be confused with Bitcoin. This clone project is currently turning very bullish, resulting in a Bitcoiin price of over $1. A remarkable development, for many different reasons. Bitcoiin Price Pumps Incredibly Hard It is …
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What Is Bitcoiin?

We have seen multiple “versions” of Bitcoin come to market over the past few months. Bitcoin Cash is by far the most successful venture to date, although Bitcoin Gold is hanging on by a thread as well. There are a few other hard forks which gained significantly less traction and are all but forgotten about. It now seems we will have Bitcoiin as well, even though this is an Ethereum-based …
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CME and CBOE Receive Regulatory Approval for Bitcoin Futures Contracts

The past few weeks have brought major changes for Bitcoin in the financial sphere. More specifically, we are seeing more and more entities attempting to expose customers to Bitcoin. Both CME Group and CBOE Global Markets have now officially received regulatory approval to offer their Bitcoin futures. This is a big milestone for the world’s leading cryptocurrency, to say the very least. US Regulator Approves Bitcoin Futures Trading It was only a matter …
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