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Dutch Police Shuts Down Bitcoin Mixing Service Bestmixer

In the Bitcoin world, there are many services which are a different type of gray. Not everything is black and white where cryptocurrencies are concerned by any means. Bestmixer, one of the more popular Bitcoin mining services, has been shut down by Dutch officials. A remarkable development, albeit it is not entirely surprising either. Curtain Call for Bestmixer Ever since Bitcoin mixing services first came to market, there have been …
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Bitcoin Tumbler BestMixer.io Steps Forward with Game-Changing Anonymization Service

In light of bitcoin forensics startups partnering with the IRS, the time for true cryptocurrency anonymization is now In what can only be described as a major leap forward in the battle for user privacy, BestMixer.io has introduced a bitcoin tumbler that guarantees the total anonymity of digital currencies. Not content with simply offering the minimum, BestMixer.io has revolutionized the bitcoin mixer industry with the introduction of the Alpha, Beta, …
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