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Identifying the Hidden Threat

What do basketball and cybersecurity have in common? More than you think. When you break down the stats, it’s usually all about finding the hidden threat before its too late. Cybersecurity has zero days and ransomware attack vectors. Our news outlets have been flooded with them lately: Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, AXA, and the list keeps growing. Basketball just posted its NBA 2020-21 season stats. Tobias Harris just posted many …
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The All-Star Basketball Economy

In only 9 seasons, Tobias Harris has played for 5 NBA teams – not to mention he’s only 27-years-old. Harris was first drafted into the NBA in 2011, signing with the Milwaukee Bucks. Today, Harris is beyond the game, and his team – The Philadelphia 76ers – find themselves scoring less when Harris isn’t on the court. Moreover, just 2 in 10 of the 5-man combos he’s played have outscored …
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