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First Atomic Swap Between Bitcoin Cash and Komodo Is a Success

Atomic swaps have become quite popular in the world of cryptocurrency. That is to be expected, as this concept removes the need for centralized exchanges altogether. One of the biggest challenges to overcome is finding ways to trade value across different blockchains which may not be natively compatible with one another. The first atomic swap between Bitcoin Cash and Komodo has now been completed on the BarterDEX platform. A Successful …
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What Is BarterDEX?

Over the past few months, we have seen multiple cryptocurrency developers explore opportunities in the world of atomic swaps. Rather than using centralized exchange platforms, an atomic swap allows people to intermittently exchange cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner. BarterDEX is one of┬áseveral decentralized interfaces which aims to support atomic swaps in the future. More importantly, this platform is already live right now, even though few people have paid much attention …
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