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Italian Banking Crisis Can Collapse Whole Eurozone

In Europe, there is a lot of focus on what is going on with the Italian banks right now. A crisis seems unavoidable, and the only question is how bad things will get. Nearly US$400bn in bank loans are “non-performing”. Moreover, there is a significant struggle to offer new credit. Is this a positive sign for Bitcoin, or will the Eurozone collapse entirely? Failure To Clean Up Italian Banks Causes …
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Looming Italian Bank Run Makes Bitcoin More Viable

Trouble is brewing in the financial ecosystem in every part of the world, and chinks in the armor are becoming more apparent every day. One of the countries often overlooked during the turmoil in Asia and the crashing oil prices is Italy, even though this country’s banking crisis is spelling disaster for the entire Eurasian region. Bitcoin users might want to rethink their strategy of converting to fiat currency unless …
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