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Infographic Shows why Bitcoin is Superior to Card Payments or Bank Transfers

It doesn’t happen all that often to see bitcoin gain positive recognition. For some reason, Spain’s Cyber Security Institute deems it safer than bank-based payments and transactions.  The new infographic by Spain’s CSI paints an interesting picture. Bitcoin is a Solid Payment Method Most of the fraudulent financial activity occurs through traditional payment methods. This has been a well-known fact for several years, yet it remains largely ignored. This infographic …
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3 Commonly Used Payment Methods To Buy Bitcoin

One common misconception people seem to have with buying Bitcoin is whether or not they will receive the funds instantly. Depending on where people live, there are a few possible scenarios that may occur. Although we would all love instant purchases through traditional finance, it is not a valid option in most cases. Using A Bank Transfer To Buy Bitcoin This is one of the most common ways people buy …
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Circle vs Coinbase

Customers in the United States are a bit spoiled when it comes to buying Bitcoin these days. Various exchanges allow for quick and easy conversion from fiat to digital currency, and both Circle and Coinbase are two of the main sources where people buy Bitcoin. Every single one of these platforms has its advantages and drawbacks. Also read: What are Bitcoin Debit Cards Circle – Variety of Payment Methods And …
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