Infographic Shows why Bitcoin is Superior to Card Payments or Bank Transfers

It doesn’t happen all that often to see bitcoin gain positive recognition. For some reason, Spain’s Cyber Security Institute deems it safer than bank-based payments and transactions. 

The new infographic by Spain’s CSI paints an interesting picture.

Bitcoin is a Solid Payment Method

Most of the fraudulent financial activity occurs through traditional payment methods.

This has been a well-known fact for several years, yet it remains largely ignored.

This infographic shows how bitcoin is the most secure solution compared to traditional payment methods.

Especially credit cards and bank transfers get very negative marks, which is only to be expected. 

Although every payment method has its benefits, the ones presented by bitcoin should not be overlooked.

Its security, safety, and financial control in the hands of users should never be underestimated.

There is also no outside interference or snooping, making it very different from payment cards and bank transfers. 

Surprisingly, the Spanish CSI still favors cash on delivery payments for purchases, primarily items bought online.

Being able to verify and integrity of purchased goods before paying is more important than ever before. 

One could argue the Lightning Network could eventually allow for bitcoin-based cash on delivery payments as well.