Bank Account

China Freezes Thousands of Bank Accounts Tied to OTC Crypto Trading

China will always remain a controversial country when it comes to handling cryptocurrencies. This is primarily due to all of…

1 year ago

Chilean Bitcoin Exchanges Have Their Bank Accounts Closed for No Reason

The cryptocurrency world is always changing and evolving. Not all of these developments will make a positive impact, though. In…

4 years ago

Major Thai Cryptocurrency Exchange Has Its Bank Account Terminated

Banks all over the world will continue to oppose cryptocurrency service providers in every way possible. Although Thailand has not…

4 years ago

Germany Solves Unbanked Problem By Giving Bank Accounts To Everyone

Bitcoin is often seen as a perfect solution to solve the unbanked problems in the world. But over in Germany,…

5 years ago

Avoiding Bank Account Suspension Due To Bitcoin Transactions

Various banks around the world take drastic action when they find out customers have been using their account to buy…

6 years ago

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