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Ripple Powers RAKBANK’s Payment Corridor to Bangladesh

It is evident that the banking sector will need to find ways to remain relevant and evolve in the years to come. RAKBANK hopes to leverage Ripple’s technology in its effort to make a positive impact.  Various financial institutions around the world see merit in Ripple’s technology. Ripple Gains Ground in Bangladesh The firm has made a name for itself in terms of providing liquidity for domestic and international money …
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Bank’s Security Systems Still Vulnerable, SWIFT Says

The institution behind SWIFT, the messaging system that connects the banks all around the world, has said that banks are still vulnerable to computer hacks.  Major financial institutions use the SWIFT network to relay messages between each other. Swift is a platform used by more than 11,000 financial institutions to exchange messages that contain money transference orders. In a given day, the Swift infrastructure handles more than 25 million messages, accounting for billions …
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