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Argentina’s Banco Masventas Uses Bitcoin to Settle Cross-Border Transactions

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have shown an interest in this form of money because of its global appeal. It is the only form of money which can reliably be sent across the world without having to deal with currency conversions or country borders. Argentina’s Banco Masventas has acknowledged this, as the institution now relies on Bitcoin to settle cross-border transactions. Bitcoin and Banking can Work Together There is a good reason why banks have opposed Bitcoin …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Tanks to $7,600

Bitcoin has lost over $600 in just one night. The currency is now trading for just over $7,600 – the lowest it’s been in about 35 days. This marks a serious drop over the last two weeks. Just two weekends ago, the currency was trading for about $9,800 – the highest it had been in four weeks. As bitcoin was expected to spike to $10,000, many traders and investors alike …
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