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Banano Ranks High up in the [email protected] Coronavirus Vaccine Search

Not too long ago, it became apparent that the [email protected] project would dedicate its computing power to a potential novel coronavirus cure. Interestingly enough, the Banano team seems to be doing quite well in this regard.  Most people are familiar with the [email protected] project. Banano Helps With [email protected] It is designed to let consumers and companies contribute their computing power to finding cures for diseases. Under the current pandemic-oriented circumstances, …
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BoomPoW is a Powerful Solution to Advance Banano and Nano Alike

Innovating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is not easy. Numerous ideas have been put forward, albeit not all of them are even viable. In the case of Banano, a very interesting, albeit somewhat underestimated project, that innovation has resulted in the launch of BoomPoW. It is a very different take on cryptocurrencies in general, and one that can have very major repercussions down the line.  What was Banano Again? …
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What Is Banano Cryptocurrency?

It is evident not all cryptocurrencies can or should be taken seriously. In the case of Banano, while there are a lot of interesting aspects to it, it seems highly doubtful this particular currency will ever gain any real traction. Even so, now is a good time to look at what this project is all about, assuming the team is serious about this coin. Banano is a Feeless Cryptocurrency Although the “meme …
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