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Austria Shuts Down Alternative Investment Fund Linked to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency mining can be a very lucrative business under the right circumstances. However, there are also a lot of concerns regarding this particular business model, as some governments don’t take kindly to the idea of mining Bitcoin or altcoins at this stage. In Austria, one major mining operation was shut down earlier this week. INVIA GmbH and Cryptocurrency Mining Over the past year and a half, there has been a sharp …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Pushes Beyond $8,300

The price of bitcoin has surpassed the $8,300 mark. This is roughly $200 higher than where it stood yesterday, and the currency has spiked by approximately five percent over the last 24 hours. The prices of cryptocurrencies are exploding as the week comes to an end. Entities like Ethereum are also up, while the cryptocurrency market cap has added roughly $40 billion to its overall worth. Interestingly, the Coindesk Consensus …
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Austrian Finance Minister Calls for Active Cryptocurrency Regulation

Europe is not a region where cryptocurrency regulation appears to be a big issue. For now, the European Union, as well as the European Central Bank, have no real plans to change their hands-off approach when it comes to cryptocurrency. In Austria, however, it seems there is a growing demand for active cryptocurrency regulation. The Austrian Finance Minister and Cryptocurrency It has become apparent that the Austrian finance minister wants to regulate Bitcoin …
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