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Australian Taxation Office Wants to Curb Bitcoin-Related Tax Evasion

People may have been using cryptocurrencies to evade taxes all over the world. Whether or not anyone will ever uncover evidence of people doing so remains subject to speculation. In Australia, the Australian Taxation Office wants to find out how people are using cryptocurrencies. A new task force has been created to investigate any reports of potential tax evasion using Bitcoin and similar currencies. In a way, this move is …
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Craig Wright is Not Satoshi

Craig Wright’s proof of being Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto is fraudulent as it was linked to a 2009 Bitcoin transaction. Furthermore, the way Mr. Wright keeps proving he is Satoshi is running his code in front of other people, code which has grammar mistakes a middle school student can notice. At the end of last year Craig Wright was accused by several journalists that he was indeed Satoshi. At the …
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