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Can ATMs Encourage Cryptocurrency Adoption?

Not long ago, a Merkle colleague and I were discussing how we find ATMs – both fiat and crypto – rather fascinating devices. We discussed what they are like in various countries and cities. We agreed that they are especially helpful in getting new people into cryptocurrencies. I thought that it might be fun if we took a break from the super-serious news of the past two weeks and just fleshed out one of …
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EasyBit Launches New Bitcoin ATMs Across Four Different States

Bitcoin ATMs remain an attractive business model for many companies all over the world. EasyBit, a lesser known company in the Bitcoin world, is also working on building their emporium of Bitcoin ATMs. Six new Bitcoin devices were brought online earlier this week, spanning four different US states, a significant boost for Bitcoin adoption, although the company is once again targeting the developed region. More Bitcoin ATM Competition In The …
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How To Get Bitcoins

Getting one’s hands on Bitcoin is still the hardest part of getting involved in the world of digital currency these days. However, there are plenty of options available to buy Bitcoin, ranging from exchanges to peer-to-peer trades and ATMs to brokers. All of these options will be discussed briefly, giving everyone the information they need about how to get Bitcoin. Also read: Why Does My Phone Scan Bitcoin QR Codes …
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