EasyBit Launches New Bitcoin ATMs Across Four Different States

Bitcoin ATMs remain an attractive business model for many companies all over the world. EasyBit, a lesser known company in the Bitcoin world, is also working on building their emporium of Bitcoin ATMs. Six new Bitcoin devices were brought online earlier this week, spanning four different US states, a significant boost for Bitcoin adoption, although the company is once again targeting the developed region.

More Bitcoin ATM Competition In The US

One would almost start to wonder how many Bitcoin ATMs are needed in the United States. With over half of all global Bitcoin teller machines active in the country, things are shaping up in a very competitive nature. EasyBit wants to grab their slice of the pie, and they are targeting different states in the process.

By bringing six new ATMs online across four different states, things are looking quite good for the Bitcoin company. Machines are being operated in Utah, Texas, Georgia, and Hawaii. All of these states could use some more Bitcoin efforts, and these ATMs will make it easier for consumers and enterprises to exchange cash for cryptocurrency.

EasyBit has been making a name for itself on an international scale, though. The company operates nearly three dozen different Bitcoin teller machines in nine countries. They work closely together with GenesisCoin and Bitaccess, both of which are prominent players in the Bitcoin ATM race.

Michael Dupree, CEO, and founder of EasyBit, told the media:

“We’ve observed that adding a bitcoin ATM greatly improves bitcoin adoption in these communities. Our host locations often see better foot traffic and increased revenue after putting in a bitcoin ATM, making it a win-win for everyone.”

There is one thing to take into consideration for companies looking to venture into the Bitcoin ATM world. There seems to be more interest from regulators to tighten the rules for operating Bitcoin vending machines and kiosks in the US. For now, however, nothing has been set in stone yet.

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