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What is the Antminer D3?

Cryptocurrency mining is a very popular activity right now. It has led to GPU shortages in a lot of countries. Consumers are buying up graphics cards to mine popular currencies such as Ethereum, Dash, ZCash, and a few others. Bitmain apparently wants to capitalize on the Dash hype train by releasing Antminer D3. Let’s look at what this device has to offer and why miners should be interested. The Antminer D3 Will Mine Dash …
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What is the Obelisk SC1 ASIC Miner?

Many currencies can only be properly mined by using an ASIC. This is especially true when it comes to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, or now even SiaCoin. Obelisk SC1 is the first ASIC miner designed to mine Siacoin, or so rumors claim. Apparently, the coin developers have worked together with an undisclosed US ASIC manufacturer to build this unit. Numerous details are still shrouded in mystery. The Siacoin Obelisk SC1 ASIC Miner …
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