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Painting the Blockchain With a Brighter, More Secure Future

After decades of facing the strokes of counterfeiting and intermediary price manipulation against its palette, the art industry is ready to turn the page and enter the world of blockchain technology. Graham Goddard, the CEO of All Public Art (APA), provides a unique platform that helps address the very issues the art community has been plagued with for decades, and restores its colorful history by moving it onto the blockchain. Why Does …
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Myco Releases Debut EP Vinyl On OpenBazaar Ahead of In-Store Release

Ever since OpenBazaar was released, content creators immediately took a liking to this decentralized marketplace approach. For smaller artists and creators, monetization has always been a struggle. This is particularly true in the music industry, where competition is relentless and far too many middlemen want their cut. OpenBazaar Is An Option For Artists Any artist who wants tor reach or expand upon a global audience may want to take a …
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