Myco Releases Debut EP Vinyl On OpenBazaar Ahead of In-Store Release

Ever since OpenBazaar was released, content creators immediately took a liking to this decentralized marketplace approach. For smaller artists and creators, monetization has always been a struggle. This is particularly true in the music industry, where competition is relentless and far too many middlemen want their cut.

OpenBazaar Is An Option For Artists

Any artist who wants tor reach or expand upon a global audience may want to take a closer look at OpenBazaar. Myco, a group that can also be found on Bandcamp, has posted their new EP, Vinyl, and CD up for sale on OpenBazaar. Although they are not steering away from more traditional platforms just yet, expanding one’s horizon is never a bad idea.

The Kansas City-based band is not necessarily a good fit for the lover of classical music. Myco’s style of music is all about expressing the psychedelic dream of life. What is intriguing is how their music also wants to empower the message of freedom through decentralization. In a way, it was only a matter of time until they ventured into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

On the self-titled debut EP, there are five different tracks. All of these songs revolve around the power of the human mind, life, love, and enhanced experiences. Although “psychedelic” may have a negative ring to it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Music is designed to put people in a different state of mind, and psychedelic rock can achieve that goal perhaps even better than any other style.

It is also worth noting Myco’s first single – titles Myceliated – was released completely free of charge. The band also put a Bitcoin QR code on the cover art, through which they received a few minor donations. All of this goes to show the group is planning to keep accepting Bitcoin payments for future releases.

Right now, their EP digital download is listed on OpenBazaar free of charge. A physical Vinyl will cost users 0.042 Bitcoin, whereas the CD will set users back 0.017 Bitcoin. All of these prices are very cheap, yet the full return will go to Myco themselves. With OpenBazaar and Bitcoin, there are no middlemen involved in the process, reducing overhead costs to a minimum.

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