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ArcBlock To Attend Ethereum Devcon 5 in Osaka, Japan and Preparing for Token Swap Services

Ethereum Devcon presents a perfect showcase for ArcBlock’s team to demonstrate ArcBlock blockchain & dApps platform and recent updates including Blocklets to help developers build dApps quickly while ensuring perfect interoperability with Ethereum.  In addition, ArcBlock is also planning a soft-launch of 1:1 Bidirectional Pegged Token Swap Service with could become a new design pattern for Ethereum interoperability and dApps development. ArcBlock team member will participate in the Ethereum Devcon …
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What Is ArcBlock Cryptocurrency?

There are a lot of innovative projects in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. ArcBlock is trying to do something different, which is always a positive sign. This open chain access protocol is designed to provide an abstract layer for accessing underlying blockchains. As such, the applications built on top of this new chain are cross-compatible. How Does ArcBlock Work? Bridging the gap between different blockchains and their respective ecosystems has …
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ArcBlock, an Introduction

Blockchain technology is still in its nascency.  Sure, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin–and with it, the blockchain–in 2009, and cryptocurrencies have come a long way since.  But even amidst a sea of developing protocols, platforms, and programs, the crytpo world has plenty of rough waters ahead of it as it sails towards adoption. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article That’s why ArcBlock is here to help navigate these waters.  ArcBlock wants …
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