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Italian Antitrust Watchdog Targets WhatsApp For Unfair Terms of Service

WhatsApp is once again making headlines in Italy, albeit not in a positive manner. The Italian antitrust agency is targeting this popular communication service on suspicion of something being amiss with users sharing personal data. Moreover, the antitrust agency is concerned over how WhatsApp parent company, Facebook, is imposing “unfair conditions” upon platform users. More Scrutiny For WhatsApp In Italy The way WhatsApp operates is a reason for concern for …
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European Union Takes Data Privacy More Seriously

Data privacy is becoming more important to consumers all over the world, and there are different ways to balance technology with security. Over in Europe, policymakers seem to be on the right track by the look of things, although it is still early to say so for sure. Data Privacy in The European Union For many years now, regulators and policymakers have tried to juggle organization with technology and security. …
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