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Internet Criminals Drop Angler In Favor of Neutrino EK To Spread CryptXXX

The evolution of Bitcoin ransomware is spectacular to behold, yet it’s also very annoying to deal with at the same time. CryptXXX has been making a lot of media headlines throughout the years, and it looks like the developer shave added a new twist. Instead of being spread through the Angler exploit kit, the payload is now bundled with Neutrino. CryptXXX Version 3.100 is here As if the evolution from CryptXXX …
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Angler Exploit Kit is “The Most Advanced of Its Time”

There seems to be a new report regarding cyber security every day as of late. A new study indicates the Angler exploit kit remains the preferred choice for hackers, and security experts estimate this trend will continue for quite some time. Angler Exploit Kit Remains Popular When it comes to using an exploit kit, hackers are on the lookout for the most advanced solution out there. Angler is getting high …
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