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Top 5 Big Data Trends for 2017

Big data quickly became one of the primary buzzwords in the technology sector over the past two years. Although many companies are looking to embrace big data and discover new customer patterns in the process, it remains to be seen how enterprises will go about things. Several potential big data trends have been identified for 2017 already, although one never knows if these predictions will become reality over the next …
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Blocktrail Acquired By Bitmain To Bolster BTC.com Service

Acquisitions in the Bitcoin industry are not unusual, albeit they do seem to occur more often in the past year or so. Bitmain, a company, best known for its Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturing capabilities, has acquired Blocktrail, a company focusing on Bitcoin data and analytics. It remains unknown as to what this acquisition will lead to. What Does Bitmain Want With Blocktrail? At first glance, there does not seem to …
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