Tag: Agriculture

Researchers Explore Viability of Growing Crops Underneath Solar Panels

A new biotechnological revolution dawns upon society. Harvesting crops may be about so much more than just doing that in the near future. A new study shows it is, in theory, possible to harvest sunshine with regular crops. This will allow farmers to make full use of scarce land and result in additional income. A very interesting approach, albeit the feasibility of this venture has yet to be determined. Agrovoltaics …
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Africa Could See the World’s Fastest Blockchain Growth

When we think about Africa, our minds often flood with images of hunger, hardship, disease, natural disasters, and maybe even civil war. We don’t often consider the strength of its people or their ability to lift themselves out of poverty. So while it may not seem like the most natural place to lead the world into the fourth industrial revolution, Africa could actually see the fastest overall rate of blockchain growth. …
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