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Bitfinex Has Redeemed First Batch of Outstanding BFX Token Debt

Bitfinex has announced the redemption of the first batch of their BFX tokens. A whopping 1.3152% has been redeemed so far, and all wallet balance holders should have been credited by now. While this is only a small step, it goes to show Bitfinex wants to keep its promise and reimburse users as soon as possible. Bitfinex On The Road To Redemption Repaying customers after they were forced to take …
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New Financial Agreement Between US and China Won’t Affect Bitcoin Price

The world of finance received some interesting yet surprising news this week. As it turns out, neither China nor the US will competitively devalue their local currencies. Although such an agreement existed already, both parties felt the need to reaffirm their position. But what does this even mean for Bitcoin? An Odd Agreement With Interesting Repercussions Anyone who has been following the financial sector over the past year will have …
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