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What Is AdEx?

Decentralizing the advertising industry is an intriguing concept, yet it will be very difficult to achieve. AdEx, a blockchain-based project, aims to create a decentralized ad exchange to disrupt online advertising as we know it. Moreover, this Ethereum-based project seeks to address advertising fraud, improve privacy, and empower users. What is AdEx Trying to Achieve? Most people will agree that online advertising in its current form is both intrusive and annoying …
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Infected Ad Networks Are Spreading Bitcoin Ransomware

Various major online media outlets are currently spreading Bitcoin ransomware and other types of malware to website visitors. Among the culprits are AOL, BBC, and The New York Times, as their common ad network has come under attack by internet criminals by the look of things. Affected users may found themselves on the other side of a screen displaying a Bitcoin ransomware message very soon, and the number of potential infections …
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