What Is AdEx?

Decentralizing the advertising industry is an intriguing concept, yet it will be very difficult to achieve. AdEx, a blockchain-based project, aims to create a decentralized ad exchange to disrupt online advertising as we know it. Moreover, this Ethereum-based project seeks to address advertising fraud, improve privacy, and empower users.

What is AdEx Trying to Achieve?

Most people will agree that online advertising in its current form is both intrusive and annoying in many ways. The AdEx team firmly believes they can empower both advertisers and publishers through a secure and transparent platform aimed at decentralizing this business model altogether. Because it is available across all browsers and offers detailed reporting, AdEx may very well succeed in its mission.

So How Does it Work Exactly?

AdEx consists of several layers which make up this ecosystem. First and foremost, there is the decentralized ad exchange, which uses Ethereum smart contracts to facilitate business dealings between publishers, advertisers, and end users. It is very important that this latter group has the biggest say in how online advertising should work, as they are currently forced to watch these advertisements whether they like it or not.

Additionally, there is a layer supporting dApps for the publisher, advertiser, and AdEx profile portal. These distributed applications will interact with the Ethereum blockchain in different ways through a user-friendly interface. These dApps are also the go-to solution for entering smart contract-based agreements between publishers, advertisers, and end users. Anyone in the world can run their own versions of these distributed applications if needed, although an AdEx-hosted version will be available as well.

As a result of this multi-layered approach, AdEx will offer a more secure and transparent solution for all parties involved. Additionally, it will provide end users with more privacy, which can only be considered a good thing. This solution is also completely browser-agnostic, which should make it of great interest to publishers and advertisers in the future.

The ADX Token Explained

As one would expect with a decentralized ad-serving network, it needs a currency to transact value between the various parties. This is why the ADX token was created. Said token will be used by advertisers to pay publishers for displaying their advertisements. End users will earn tokens by viewing the advertisements they opt to view, which creates a fair and balanced ecosystem for everyone. This token also means online advertising fraud will come to an end, which is another major benefit of this project.

The Road Ahead for AdEx

The beta of the AdEx platform will be released in the next few days or weeks. Once this platform goes live, the whole world will witness what this decentralized ad network is capable of. It will also be a great time to collect feedback from users, publishers, and advertisers to further improve the platform and its features. There is no official “live” launch past the beta as of yet, but more information will become available as time progresses.