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Trading Accounts Are Selling for Thousands of Dollars

As cryptocurrency continues to grow, more and more new investors are flocking in every day to buy into the coins they think are next slated to moon. Current exchanges are experiencing so much activity that they’ve been forced to turn away new users. In response, some individuals have gone ahead and purchased existing accounts, spending up to thousands of dollars for a single account. Popular exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, …
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Bittrex Locks, Freezes Withdrawals for Thousands

Since the summer of this year, Bittrex has been imposing changes on its users and requiring increasingly detailed verification paperwork. Accounts have retroactively been downgraded in response to these policy changes. As a result, many users have found their accounts disabled, and many more have noticed their withdrawal capabilities locked. While this began several months ago, the majority of users were affected in November, where Legacy accounts (unverified but registered well before the …
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