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Multiple British Politicians Believe 5G Connectivity Will Cause Cancer

When it comes to politics, there will always be opinions which do not necessarily stroke with reality. In the UK Parliament, a very interesting debate has taken shape earlier this week. Some Members of Parliament claim 5G connectivity will cause cancer in the long run. This is allegedly due to its electromagnetic fields, which may have a very big impact on the human body.  Halting 5G Network Rollouts in the …
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5G Must Become the New Standard for Connected Cars and Smart Cities

Things will only get more interesting when major technological breakthroughs come together. Cars have become a lot smarter in recent years, with quite a few of them being able to access the Internet through a mobile data connection. It is now only a matter of time until 5G connectivity will make its way into most modern cars. Connected Cars and 5G Internet Opens New Opportunities It is evident there is …
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Swansea University Scientists are Developing Smart Bandages

It is evident technology will bring quite a few advances and improvements to the medical sector over the coming decades. Swansea University has created a new project that allows them to experiment with bandages equipped with sensors. The purpose of these seniors is to monitor the patient’s wound and recovery process. Transmitting said information would occur over the 5G mobile data network. An interesting idea, but can it even work? …
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