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The European Aviation Network Will Soon Provide In-flight 4g Connectivity

Internet connectivity while traveling by plane has always been a rather difficult option. Most planes offer in-flight Wi-Fi to their users if possible, although it is usually very expensive. Thankfully, a new solution seems to be in the making, as 4G connectivity will be possible soon. The European Aviation Network, as this project is called, will provide plane passengers with broadband Internet speeds during their flight come 2017. European Aviation …
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Criminals Can Easily Execute DDoS Attacks Against 4G and LTE Networks

During the recent Mirai botnet attack, it became evident that critical internet infrastructure is subject to DDoS attacks. It looks, however, as if 4G connectivity can suffer from a similar fate. Any 4G cellular device around the world is vulnerable to DDoS attacks, according to a Black Hat Europe researcher. Security issues can affect any internet-connected device. 4G Connectivity Attracts Denial-of-Service Attacks The revelations by this Black Hat Europe hacker …
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