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Scientists Create a Nano-hologram Visible to the Naked eye

Holograms are quite a significant technological innovation, about their use cases may seem a bit uncertain right now. A team of researchers from China and Australia has created the world’s thinnest hologram. According to the team, this nano-hologram can be seen without 3D goggles and may change the way we look at technology. An interesting concept, but does it have any real use? Nano-Holograms Are A Major Breakthrough Although not …
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Snapchat Might Be Planning To Support 3D Selfies

Most people know Snapchat as a social platform where users can easily share videos and images, which get deleted within seconds after opening. But the company is well underway to expand its reach, as they allegedly purchased a 3D selfie startup called Seene. Snapchat and 3D Selfies? The primary question becomes what Snapchat would want with a 3D selfie startup all of a sudden. If these rumors are true, it …
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